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Informative Online Films

The Beautiful Truth
This documentary follows the journey of Garrett Kroschel, an animal-loving teenager raised in Alaska who, after reading a book by Dr. Max Gerson, is inspired to investigate its premise that diet can cure cancer and other diseases. Garrett travels across the country, visiting with physicians, scientists and cancer survivors to discuss Gerson Therapy -- and Gerson's claim that the medical industry has suppressed natural cancer cures for years.
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Water - The Great Mystery
Fascinating movie spans the globe to reveal recent discoveries about water, the most amazing yet least studied substance in the world. Witness as researchers, scientists, philosophers and theologians try to understand this unique liquid and all its miraculous properties still waiting to be discovered. In this amazing film, Water, the Great Mystery, we can see that science has made a quantum leap into understanding how mind can be recorded by the most simple element in nature (water) and on the periodic table: H20. If water has memory, and its main component being hydrogen, then the whole universe would have memory.
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The Future of Food
Before compiling your next grocery list, you might want to watch filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia's eye-opening documentary, which sheds light on a shadowy relationship between agriculture, big business and government. By examining the effects of biotechnology on the nation's smallest farmers, the film reveals the unappetizing truth about genetically modified foods: You could unknowingly be serving them for dinner.
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The World According to Monsanto
The World According to Monsanto is an in-depth Documentary that looks at the domination of the agricultural industry from one of the world's most insidious and powerful companies.
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Super Size Me
Morgan Spurlock, the director of Super Size Me, came up with a great hook for his debut as a documentary filmmaker.
His experiment, to eat nothing but three McDonalds meals a day every day for 30 consecutive days, provides an entertaining and occasionally disturbing narrative thread that allows for informative and engaging tangents about American culture’s disturbing trend toward obesity. Though the prose in his voice-overs occasionally reveals Spurlock’s amateurism, the editing and the quality of his interviews more than make up for it. Spurlock has absorbed the work of Michael Moore and manages to achieve the same intricate balance between laughter, shock, and information that makes Moore’s films entertaining, although Spurlock is without any righteous anger.
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The Fluoride Deception
Hailed as a harmless chemical that would prevent tooth decay, new evidence shows how fluoride could be linked to serious health problems. Fluoridation was first advanced in the US at the end of the second World War. Proponents argued that fluoride in water and toothpaste would help to protect teeth and prevent decay. Over the following decades, fluoride was added to public water supplies across the country. While the benefits of fluoridation have been held to be unquestionable, accumulating evidence points to a frightening prospect: that fluoride may have serious adverse health effects, including infant mortality, congenital defects and IQ. Now a new book, titled “The Fluoride Deception” by Christopher Bryson examines the background of the fluoridation debate. According to Bryson, research challenging fluoride’s safety was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. He says fluoridation is a triumph not of medical science but of US government spin.
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The best way to find your ideal weight is with a BMI calculator. BMI takes into account your height and build to determine your body fat content. A healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9.

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A Healthy BMI is Between 18.5 and 24.9

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